12 Winning Habits

1. Have a routine Every successful people have a set routine that they follow consistently. A routine helps you to: – Save time – Build momentum – Reduce procrastination – Make you more efficient – Create structure in your life Build a routine and follow it for 15 days.

2. Plan your night before. Planning is the most important part of having a successful day. Before going to sleep: – take a pen/paper or your phone – write down your to-do list – set the tasks priority wise This will help you to start your day without any rush.

3. Meditate. Meditation is the most underrated exercise which has a lot of benefits. It helps you to: – increase your focus – reduce stress and anxiety – increase patience and tolerance Even meditating for 15 mins can make a huge difference.

4. Four hours of Deep Work A few hours of undistracted work is very vital. – Write down 3 priority task – Listen to some good music – Put your phone on airplane mode – Don’t get up before you finish them off This will help you complete 8 hours of work in just 4 hours.

5. Read daily Reading opens your mind to new information and perspective. It’s the best and cheapest way to acquire knowledge. Read different kinds of books: – Self-improvement – Autobiographies – Fiction Every genre will give you a new understanding.

6. Invest in yourself Self-investment will give you more ROI than any stock or property. – Read books – Hire mentors – Enroll in programs This habit alone will take you ahead of 98% of people.

7. Sun exposure I get 30 min to 1 hour of sun every day. Sunlight is vital for: – Sleep – Vitamin D – Reducing stress – Fighting depression No matter where you live, get outside and get that sun exposure.

8. Walk every day I walk 1-2 miles minimum every day. For me movement = creativity. I get some of my best ideas walking. You can also use this time to listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

9. Traveling Seeing the world at a young age will shape your life + mindset. Don’t wait to grow old and travel when you’re “retired”. Instead, plan on visiting as many countries as possible in your 20s. I’ve never regretted a single trip that I’ve taken in my life.

10. Hang out with the right people As cliche as it may sound, you’re the average of 5 people you surround yourself with. Be around people who are: – smarter – fitter – richer Than you and avoid anyone who tries to pull you down.

11. Keep track of your time. Time is your biggest asset. Rich people know this and they always try to use their time wisely. Track where you’re spending your time and cut off all your time eaters.

12. Have a gratitude list Every morning/evening sit down and write about 5 things or people you’re grateful for. This habit will give you more happiness and keep you grounded.



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